The Masters Draft

Each team will select 2 Players

The order of selection will be determined by random draw

The team selecting last in the 1st round will select 1st in the 2nd

Every player may be selected twice.  But no player may be selected
twice in the 1st round.

The cost of the contest is $65 ($50 funds the prize pool, $15 covers
food, beverage & administrative costs).

With 35 Participants

1st Place - $600
2nd Place - $400
3rd Place - $300
4th Place - $200
5th Place - $150
6th Place - $100
Tom Duffy
The Commish
Jim Stanforth
Randy Wellner
Bill Edwards
Jim McGonigle
Eric Pennell
Larry Campbell

Dave Smith

Don Fisk
(In Absentia)
John Kizer
(In Absentia)
Current Participants
Tom Troiano
Rob Kaade
Mike Upson

George Hadley
Dick Burrell
Dave Davis
Rick Clark
Dick Pearson
Craig Botch
Lee Rhoades
The Masters Draft will be held on Wed
April 8th at 6:00 pm.

If you would like to host this event, Please
contact Dennis Botch